Stat System (Increasing)

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Stat System (Increasing)

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:42 pm

1. Open a character status window by clicking a button below. Or, press shortcut ‘C’ on
a keyboard.
2. Click ‘Ability value button’ and open ‘Ability value window’ to increase stat.

3. Check remained Ability values and adjust stat using a stat arrow you want.
4. After adjusting stat, click ‘apply’ button to complete stat adjustment.

5. You may confirm the stat change at a character status window.

Starting Process...

1. Click ‘Cada’ NCP of the Parca Temple and press ‘Stat Initialization’ button.

2. When a stat initialization window opens, after confirm the content and press ‘Yes’
* Available Stat Initialization Frequency: once (since it is allowed only once, you should be careful.)
* Stat Initialization condition: To initialize needs to dismantle all equipment for
* Stat Initialization cost: Not necessary at Stat Initialization.

3. If a stat initialization is done, you can check ‘Ability value’ is initialized at a character
status window.

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