General Guide (Party, Guild, Chatting, Controls)

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General Guide (Party, Guild, Chatting, Controls)

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:41 pm

General Guide (Party, Guild, Chatting, Controls)

Uses two buttons on the two sides and a wheel button.

The followings are shortcut arrangement for convenience of game playing.


① Size control : Controls the size of a chatting window. (Not realized)
② Chatting help : Prints out help related to chatting.
③ Minimize chatting window UI: Minimizes a chatting window UI(User interface).
④ Function button : Functions of a chatting place
⑤ Korean/English status icon : Displays your input mode, Korean or English, at a
chatting input window.
⑥ Chatting input window : Presses Enter to see it. You can input what you want to

General Chatting is used when chatting with a user nearby or showing a system
message, etc. If you press Enter, input window of a chatting message appears.
It is used when having a 1:1 chatting. Once you use a shortcut, you can use a 1:1
whispering function without using a shortcut again.
How to use : “[Character ID][What to say]

Messenger System...
- System to send a message to a user registered as a friend.

Select a character to be registered as a friend and click [Register Friend] on the menu.

When a counterpart clicks acceptance, the friend registration is completed.

Organization : Open a party window and click “Party Organization” button.

1. Press “P” key and click Organization button.

2. Input "Party Name" and click “Confirm” to organize a party.

3. After organizing a party, your information is registered at the top and you can see
party slogan also.

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