Tales of Pirates 1st Anniversary!

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Tales of Pirates 1st Anniversary!

Post  lracmf on Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:42 am


3X Exp Carnival guild wars gold




The most famous Pirate adventure to ever sail to the far edges lord of the rinds of the internet will be turning 1 wow gold very soon and the festivities wow gold are already being prepared! world of warcraft gold March 15th will be here before you know guild wars gold it so shake the sand from your maplestory hat and wash that salty sea smell from your pantaloons, top gold IGG and TOP are going to wow gold be putting on some buy wow gold fabulous activities to astound and delight! buy maplestory mesos They will be offering three sets of the famed Kylin Armor (Limited Edition), lord of the rinds gold 3 sets of the mysterious The Lord of the Rings(us) Black Dragon Armor, top gold Happy Holiday Magazine, lord of the rinds gold and a series of Demonic World Chests as event rewards. tales of pirates gold So, come all and celebrate the 1 world of warcraft gold year mark with IGG and TOP.

The Tales of Pirates team will be holding guild wars money a Triple Experience Carnival each weekend in March to Gaia Online celebrate TOP’s 1st Anniversary. Star Wars Galaxies


A fantastic contest with big rewards, maple story including the 2moons long rumored and much sought after Kylin Armor and Black Dragon Torso among others. maplestory mesos In addition, guild wars gold there will be some lucky rewards for players who aren’t Gaia Online lucky enough to find these powerful items. swg credits


The top 100 players wow gold with the highest consumption of Item Mall Cards Gaia Online (From Feb 15th to Mar 31st) hellgate london palladium will be rewarded with a special ” lord of the rinds gold Tales of Pirates 1st Anniversary” gift.


Beginners Leveling Contest maple story

Kylin Armor Event







Kylin Equipment Auction

Kylin Equipment will be added wow gold to the Auction Center, 2moons so Pirates can use their Credits to bid for them.

IGG and TOP have prepared several events for players: guild wars money

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