Dumbass fanboy-esque reasons reasons why I love Guild Wars

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Dumbass fanboy-esque reasons reasons why I love Guild Wars

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In other words, tales of pirates it’s the Fantasy Online RPG where actual skill and intelligence matters more than mere persistence. Which is a rare case of what a developer promised in pre-release hype actually being what appears in the game. Lummee.




The plot revolves around an enormous horn. Missus. 2moons dil

Fundamental reasons why Guild Wars is aces

Dumbass fanboy-esque reasons reasons why I love Guild Wars


So this is an Online RPG for virtually anyone. buy maplestory mesos The array of character builds and focus on warring guilds makes it a dream for those who enjoy online rucks. The more off-line adventurer has a huge world and extensive plot to fight their way through. The more traditional MMO player can bounce between either pole, perhaps grumbling that there’s not as much continuous content as they’re used to, 2moons but sated by not having to pay any kind of subscription just to be there. And the single-payment model encourages anyone to give it a try. At its core, lord of the rinds Guild Wars is a game which has realised that a massively-multiplayer online game can be an online game and not a world. Purists will sneer at it. And I’ll be sneering right back at them, the killjoys.

That all the characters are so ludicrously beautiful to the point of absolute silliness. maplestory It’s as if a gallery of Greek sculpture stepped down from their plinths and started running around. In one memorable moment, a friend and I are running past a bare-chested barbarian sort. My friend stops, points at him and states “That is a beautiful man,” lord of the rinds gold before running off. 2moons dil If there’s been a more ludicrously homoerotic Online RPG, lotro gold I’ve yet to see it. And the women are enough to make Angelina Jolie get an inferiority complex.




And getting back to it, maplestory mesos it’s my favourite game of the year so far.


Now, I love World of Warcraft. Brilliant game. tales of pirates However, in the first fifteen levels of play I made precisely two decisions which impacted on my game experience in any meaningful way. That was choosing my race and choosing my character class. Other than that, I went on the same quests, gained the same powers and fought the same baddies in just about the same way as everyone else of my character class and race. I worked out tactics, top gold but they were the tactics which everyone would have worked out from looking at the skills they’re dealt. Talents opened up at level 10, but those one-percent damage bonuses are absolutely meaningless for many levels after that. wow gold Wow: I’m doing 50.5 points of damage instead of 50. Now we’re cooking gas, mo-fos.


The fact that characters have to have two names. buy wow gold It’s clearly a utility thing, since anybody can play anybody in the world they have to force a greater variety of names to avoid duplicates. hellgate london palladium Splendidly, it actually leads to everyone having names that sound like something out of a Fantasy-styled Noir-novel, maplestory like Donald Axe and Laura Fibia rather than just a random collection of consonants.

The phrase “Two years later”. maplestory mesos Won’t mean anything until you play it, but for an online-RPG to do something as stylish and audacious as a time-jump in the plot is brilliant. buy maplestory mesos In fact, this isn’t even a fanboy-esque reason, but an example of how the increased instancing allows far more room to play with in the plot. For example, swg credits the early quest where you get to fire an enormous catapult at an oncoming army. My delighted party all typed “Oh YES!” top gold (with an array of cheery swearing lobbed in) in response. These are the things we play games for.


Guild Wars is different. In fact, hellgate london Guild Wars throws you in the deep end to a way that could even alienate some people. Within a couple of quests you’re being asked to decide on which secondary character class to choose. In my case, lord of the rinds I’m already thinking about how my powers can be utilised, and what I would like as an auxiliary set. Perhaps the monk skills for a more support role? Or maybe I’ll concentrate in close-combat energy-draining necromancy, and have a warrior secondary to make a vampire-esque character? Because of the enforced limit of eight powers at any time, and the increasingly large array of options, hellgate london palladium you’re constantly looking at the game and working out how best to tweak your character. Best of all, even fairly esoteric ideas, if they can be conceived, operate in a manner which work in a way you’d expect. This turns the single-player game into something where you’re experimenting, thinking and re-evaluating constantly (since it’s lord of the rinds gold easy to rejig your abilities), and the multiplayer game into a Red-Queen-style evolutionary race between your ideas and the rest of the world’s.

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