Star Wars: Galaxies; The Community Strikes Back

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Star Wars: Galaxies; The Community Strikes Back

Post  lracmf on Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:32 am

There you’ll find a community ready to relive the glory days of what Star Wars: tales of pirates gold Galaxies once was. Programmers will also find instructions on how to obtain the source code and how to submit any changes or additions you make. maplestory mesos

To put it simply, guild wars gold it’s about damn time. guild wars money The hideous monster that is SOE’s “improvements” has finally driven the community so far away that they’ve come around. lotro gold First came forum complaints, then account cancelations, hellgate london and now a revolution. Since Sony refuses to fulfill the desires of the people, tales of pirates the people have taken matters into their own hands, and things couldn’t be better. GW gold

It was a mess and many players gave up, but for those who didn’t, buy maplestory mesos it just meant more money for SOE as countless hours were wasted leveling the wrong profession. lord of the rinds gold

Fun times huh? 2moons

Personally I’m really excited to hear about the project and the progress that it’s making. The Lord of the Rings(us) The slightest notion that I might one day be able to replay my Master Architect on Tatooine would make even the most unstable server worth playing on, don’t you think? lotro gold

The version of SWG in development is Publish 12.1, world of warcraft gold something to rejoice over for many SWG players. Publish 12.1 resides before the newly added NGE, maplestory as well as the largely contested Combat Upgrade (CU), Star Wars Galaxies credits which also drastically changed the game. That’s right — SWGEmu will be “Pre-CU.” Star Wars Galaxies

After much complaining, buy maplestory mesos SOE decided to change the system. Its replacement? maplestory mesos The “Jedi Village.” Players needed to complete six quests and grind the skills associated with those quests to unlock their entry to the Force. lotro gold Not too bad right? Think again. buy maplestory mesos

Support indy gaming!! Digg our coverage! buy maplestory mesos

Star Wars: Galaxies — a MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment set in a Star Wars world — was once a thriving online galaxy where thousands met to mold their destiny. swg credits But now it’s a defunct memory of what it once was. tales of pirates gold Sony’s upgrades to the game, such as the New Game Enhancements (NGE), maple story have left only a few diehard fans of the Star Wars universe to traverse the open plains of Tatooine. Every forum post vying for the reversal of these upgrades has been met with swift and fierce expulsion. buy maplestory mesos

The development team sure doesn’t think so. lotro gold

Anyway, now that the system is up in the air, Star Wars Galaxies credits we might just see something worthwhile — perhaps a system that doesn’t sucker you in for months at a time for no reason. top gold

Fear not, however, GW gold as the community’s prayers have been answered. maplestory That answer is SWGEmu.

Taken from the SWGEmu FAQ: world of warcraf

The SWGEmu team recently announced that they’ve gone open source, meaning the entire program is now free for public download. You may be thinking something along the lines of, “Isn’t this illegal?” GW gold



SWGEmu is being developed by a handful of programmers in their spare time. maplestory mesos They make frequent updates on the status of the build and are kind enough to answer questions on the forums, within reason. maplestory mesos

We built the server from ground up, so what exactly can they sue for? lord of the rinds Yes it is against the SWG EULA to reverse engineer any communications between it and the server, but that is not (to my knowledge) a legal implication.

In fact, wow gold not only does SOE know about the project, they’ve actually offered some of the developers jobs. guild wars gold Sony has sent emails to numerous members of the SWGEmu team offering them a position in the SWG development section of SOE. maple story

I’ve always hated the gimmicky systems used to obtain Jedi status — They always included a huge time sink where players either sat and did nothing or grinded away like a machine. top gold Not that I don’t agree that the path to Jedi needs to be a long and difficult one, it’s just that being “long and difficult” doesn’t have to be “boring and worthless.” lord of the rinds gold

The SWGEmu development team is doing their hardest to recreate the game in its former glory, tales of pirates with an added bonus; they’ve decided to modify a few of the game’s systems. The Jedi system is getting an overhaul. world of warcraft gold

These players then discovered that, lord of the rinds upon completion of their leveling task, they were assigned another and another and another, until the final one. lord of the rinds When it was time for the final profession to be revealed to you, maple story the item would go blank, indicating that you needed to discover for yourself which profession was next. buy maplestory mesos

For the unaware, the Jedi system was originally a huge grindfest. world of warcraft gold You’d perform some simple tasks for a single quest and were awarded an item. guild wars money This item would tell you what profession you’d need to master in order to further your potential career as a Jedi. As a result, buy maplestory mesos thousands of players found themselves leveling up professions they really didn’t care for, buy maplestory mesos such as musician, just to be that much closer to wielding the Force. maplestory

Now you’re flying blind. wow gold

More after the jump… 2moons

Not so much.

So now you’re sitting there, 2moons a whole half-hour into the cycle, GW gold with two weeks, six days, and 23 1/2 hours to go.

Every three weeks, lotro gold four different quests were available to perform — each quest from one of the four different sets of skill types. However, world of warcraft gold only one quest could be completed per cycle, which on average took around half an hour to complete. maplestory mesos

Needless to say, 2moons dil the developers have laughed off the emails and continued the progress on the project; wow gold good move guys. Visit for further information on the program and its status. lotro gold

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