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Post  lracmf on Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:57 am

Our solution was to create as many new particles as I could, maplestory mesos and make them their own draft schematics. I ended up with 64 new props — that’s 32 per hand.

The only existing instrument that was affected by the palette change was the xantha. This is because the xantha already had a palette associated with it; in fact, that is the palette I used for all instruments. wow gold Its base colors changed when I had the palette enlarged, to allow more colors.

Whenever we add a palette to an Gaia Online existing item, hellgate palladium invariably their base colors change. Since I wanted to impact existing instruments as little as possible, I decided to create entirely new draft schematics and objects for these new customizable versions. With that in mind, I re-named all the existing instruments to “Classical” to symbolize that these buy maplestory mesos were the older versions.

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Below is a screenshot of an entertainer using the previously existing set of sparkler ribbons.

Note that the instrument looks vastly different, and also note that there is a color picker on the side of the crafting interface. The color picker needed to be added via the scripts we use for crafting. They basically pull the palettes attached to the appearance template for the crafted instrument.

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Once instruments were tackled, I moved on to the task of adding customizable props. This was a lot more difficult. After doing much research into ways to customize props, I realized the most popular props (sparklers, ribbons, etc.) were actually maplestory mesos particles. This means I could not attach a palette to them to allow players to customize them on the fly. wow gold

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