The STR world : 3 builds, 3 styles

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The STR world : 3 builds, 3 styles

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:16 am

Clue as to what it does and how it is useful. You're taking more damage than others and laugh while they die. How does this happen? Why is putting points into strength different from putting points into intelligence? Here, I'll be explaining what strength is and why it is good.


You will see a lot of abbreviations, nicknames, etc. Here are most if not all:
STR = Strength
INT = Intelligence
ATK = Attack
HP = Health Points (If this is out, you are dead)
MP = Mana Points (If this is out, you cannot use any skills)
Pure STR/INT = All points are put into strength or intelligence
Tank = Taking in a lot of damage without getting killed
SP = Skill points. You need these to get skills
Buff = Skills that you cast to increase certain characteristics of your character
AoE = Area of Effect (damage transfer)
Mob = Monsters

Strength and It's Effects

Strength is a stat point. 3 stat points are given to you at each level, along with 1 stat point in INT and 1 stat point in STR. STR increases your physical damage, physical defense, physical balance, and your overall HP. This means that when using skills that are in your weapon mastery, like anti devil bow or the 3-attack combo for blades, your damage will increase with each STR point. When you are taking in physical damage (slapping, punching, monster attacks that do not look like magic) it will get decreased with every STR point. HP will increase, that's easy. STR is best for critical hits, which are 2 times stronger than your normal attacks but depends on your weapon and it's critical attack rating.

INT increases your magical damage, magical defense, magical balance, and MP. Skills used in your force categories (fire imbue, lightning imbue, cold imbue, nukes) will have increased damage with each INT point. Magical damage done to you will get decreased and MP will increase for ya.

The Strength-Based Builds

There are 3 builds for the STR points

Blade : Uses the Bicheon mastery. Blades are famous for their ability to tank and their inability kill. Your main attacks will be the knockdown and stab combos (5th and 6th series down on the bicheon mastery skill listings), which are acquired at lvl 19 bicheon mastery. Chain attacks (3, 4, 5 hits in a row : Located at 2nd series of skills in bicheon mastery skill listing) can be used for training on monsters. Blades also have the ability to cast shield technique (3rd series down) which increases physical defense and can be used only with a shield equipped. This series can save your life in the most difficult situations. Blade Force is a ranged attack (4th series down) and can be used for attracting mobs. The same goes with Sword Dance series (7th series down). Always get your passive (8th series down). It increases your parry ratio (chance of getting the lower end of your enemy's attack damage range.)

Glaive : Uses the Heuksal mastery. Glaivers are famous for their ability to dish out a mass number of damage. Your main attacks will be heuksal spear series (3rd series down on listings), the soul departs series (4th series down), and the ghost spear attack series (5th series down). The Heuksal Spear and Soul Departs series are swing attacks, which mean that your character will swing the weapon back then out. These take longer time to cast then the Ghost Spear Attack series, which can be instant and attacks multiple mobs at one time. Glaivers have the option to cast Fanning Spear Series (2nd series down) which increases your magical defense. When fighting nukers, this will reduce their damage a lot. Always get your passive (8th series down). It increases your overall HP.

Bow : Uses the Pacheon mastery. Bowmen are famous for their range ability and inability to do well in PvP. Your main attacks will be anti devil bow series (1st series), arrow combo attack series (2nd down), and strong bow series (7th down). You have the option of adding or replacing the strong bow series with explosion arrow series (6th down). Anti devil increases your chance of getting a critical. Arrow combos are useful for getting damage out quickly. Strong bow series is good for, well, strong attacks. Strong Bow also takes longer to cast. Explosion Arrow has AoE and is good for attacking multiple mobs at one time. Bowmen can cast Hawk Training series (3rd series down). The hawk you summon depends on which color. White and blue increase attack rating, which is the chance of doing the higher end of your attack range. Black does damage, but is rarely used in fighting other players. Bowmen can also cast Break Heaven Arrow series (5th series down) which increases range. This is very helpful. Get your passive (8th series down). It increases your attack rating and your blocking percentage.

The Commons of STR Builds
There are many common elements to the 3 STR builds:

They will all use fire imbue. The fire imbue will do more damage than the other 2 imbues. The fire mastery tree is considered an aggressive mastery and has much to do with your physical damage, which is the whole idea of STR.

They can all take damage well. Since you have a lot of HP, the only thing you need to worry about is MP. Keep casting your skills and you'll do great.

Their criticals are wonderful. STR gives higher critical attacks. This means when you do get a critical, the damage will be higher.

The Equipment
This section will be written assuming that you already have a solid handle on equipment.

STR characters usually will wear garment. They already have high physical defense so all they need is magical defense, which is given by garment. A full garment set when worn will give a 20% speed bonus along with a 20% mana consumption reduction. You move 20% faster and use 20% less MP.

Choose your weapon wisely. You want to have a weapon with a great critical attack rating. Critical on a weapon is shown in the following format
Critical x (yy%)
The x can be replaced by any number from 1-20. The higher the better.

This concludes my little spiel about str and it's benefits. Hope you like it. I know I said too much, but it's my thread so yeah. My fingers hurt.

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