Very small guide to farm effective at bandits

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Very small guide to farm effective at bandits

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:15 am

This is an easy and quick guide on how to farm effectively, new people* can use it, and even moderate players.
(Note: works best for pure INT)

Step 1:
Get your char to lv 16 with a 9 lv gap

Step 2:
Get enough good armour.
Best armour is with INT and/or STR bonus, it doesnt have to be SoX.
(INT and STR give damage bonus)

Step 3:
Get a fine bow, and if you are pure STR, get an awesome bow.

Step 4:
Buy skills, you need fire imbue lv 2, lv 2 Anti devil bow-Missile and lv 1 2Arrow combo.
(You don't have to buy any bow skills, but it is useful against Giants and Champion Bandit Archers).

Step 5:
Put your imbue on the mouse button, and your bow skills in slot 1 and 2

Step 6:
keep your pinky on the ctrl-key and your indexfinger on "X" (which is the hotkey for the mouse button)

Step 7:
Hold the keep pressing the ctrl-key down (with your pinky or some tape ) and press "X" , click on a mob and while doing that, spin the camera rapidly, select the other mob already, if you can 1hit or 2hit mobs, this won't be a problem.

Step 8:
Practice this alot, you will see this goes faster than using skills, Spinning the camera may get you dizzy , but you can attack all mobs around you.

Step 9: (Optional)
If you want to make some money, or improve your armour, pick up the bags that contain the alchemy items for elements. Also pickup str and int tabs, or other tabs that you think you need. You can destroy the alchemy items in the bags with void rondo's. Store all your elements in the storage and you will see the amount of elements you get there, that it is huge. Wind 2 sell good, keep storing them.

I used this method while farming, I didn't farm alot, but I did notice this was very useful, becuase like many new farmers I kept running around, using skills and get KSed by this SoS, SoM +5, etc....

You will get KSed less often if you use this guide correctly.

*I will not use the term Noob or newb, because I find this stereotyping and immature.

I will post some screenshots later, and maybe a little movie.

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