Silkroad Online_Europe is coming July 2007

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Silkroad Online_Europe is coming July 2007

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:13 am

13 male and 13 female characters, total of 26 different European characters are to be added
Change in European race mastery growth formula : Maximum number of skill masteries will increase when the character’s level
Available equipment will be determined by mastery levels in Europe.
A weapon corresponding to the correct mastery is to be used for using skills

Different from China which is optimized in soloing play, European Race is optimized in party play and it is advantageous to choose the main skill to use when growing the character

European weapon/shield is to be added : Including one shield with total of 9 weapons, 10 different kinds of weapons will be added
European protector is to be added : Total of three different kinds of protectors are to be added
- No set effect on European protector
European accessory is to be added : Necklace, Earring, Ring
China, Western China, Tarim Basin : Only Chinese equipment items are dropped
Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, Central Asia : Only European equipment items are dropped
Regions beyond Hotan area(area above lv.40) : Both European and Chinese equipment items are dropped

UI is to be added for convenience of user with Europe service.

Added quick slot
- Another quick slot is to be added besides existing slot
- Added quick slot is designed to move spot freely instead of being on a fixed spot

Quick slot option is to be added
- Invisible : Grant alpha value to whole quick slot
- Lock : Current key set up locked. Registration available. Key cancellation disapproval.
- Auto hiding : Auto hiding of whole added quick slot. (Appears when Mouse goes near)
- Fixed spot : added slot is fixed on a current spot.
- Doubled Line View : If checked then quick slot is presented in doubled line
Invisibility of User/Monster/Transportation (expected to be applied)
- Invisibility of User/Monster/Transportation is expected to be applied by pressing ‘V’ key
- Added for low setting PC users to move easily in towns

Few kinds of potion is added newly with Europe service and can be obtained by hunting down the monsters.
Purification Pill : Potion of eliminating one abnormal status which has the size of small, medium, large, X-large with difference in
using level and eliminating level.
Upper level cures whole lower level

Invisibility Detection : Potion of detecting invisibility and stealth which has the size of small, medium, large, X-large with difference in
using level and eliminating level
Upper level detects whole lower level.

Essence of Dead : Essence of Dead is an item made by dead monsters’ soul and able to make it by using European rogue’s skill.
When you use Essence of Dead, you turn into a monster for certain period of time and once you turned into the monster, you can
use corresponding monster’s attack. You can only use when you have the equal or higher level than the monster’s level that you
are trying to transform.

European race’s potion delay is applied differently from that of Chinese race
- Potion 20 sec
- Pill 10 sec

- After the application of Europe, Gold/Silver Time will be applied to exp auto share party
- After the application of Europe, modified experience penalty is applied when hunting

- To avoid users’ damage from possible abusing of few Europe skills against the item Protector, it will be eliminated in the game. Please
& note that this Protector is NOT defense equipment.

- Guild Union Chatting Authorization Change ( 7 persons → 12 persons )
- Change in possible input letters entered in message box (twice the current size)

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