In Mana Shield we Trust? or no thanks?

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In Mana Shield we Trust? or no thanks?

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:12 am

Ok, here's the take:

Since euro is comming out soon as well as many new skills including the new skill Mana shield. I heard a lot of people (exspecially nukers) are switching from fire/light to ice/light. And from casual observation, some people already started to delvl their fire and start adding ice.

So, the question is, is it worth all the trouble to swich to ice? because Fire does more damage, but ice keeps you alive. The problem is that, will all the nukers/int hybrids become ice/light? which means for the long term

Nuker = ice/ light build
Str = Fire based build
ultimately = no varieity, just like now when everybody is fire and light

I do know that light have the potential to out damage fire with tis decrease parry effect.

So will the fire/ light nukers be pawned easily after the update? since they are easiy killed without the mana shield or we can expect some equilibrium between different classes?

Already Euro players cam u guys input something? is everybody ice/light with euro release?

For those of you who are here to flame, please think twice before doing so, the idea of this thread is to inquire expertise and good analytical skills of our unknown future from our forum members, not to debate what is best and what is not.

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