[GUIDE] Chakji's Guide to Bot Murderin'

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[GUIDE] Chakji's Guide to Bot Murderin'

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:12 am


Studies show that 6 in 7 people are bots. Bots take space on server and level people's characters without any real work being done. This creates some animosity between regular players and botters. If you want to express your hatred for bots, this 6 step program is the one for you!

I was able to stand next to 6 of these people while under murderer status before one of the people in the last picture, who was not a bot, killed me. It just goes to show you how many characters you see really are bots.

Studies wrote:

1) Find a nice secluded spot with a good spawn rate so you can burn off your Murderer Points.

2) Buy Gear
I recommend that you buy some gear from an NPC so that you are able to survive slightly better, and do not lose anything valuable.

3) Find a Bot
Next we are going to find someone to kill. Now, since we are supposedly learning how to kill bots it is common courtesy to
make sure you are not killing a real person.

4) Kill Your Target
This should not be a problem, most bots that I have encountered are fairly easy to kill.

5) Run Like Hell
Assuming that you your exp loss, this is the time to make your escape. If this is true in your case, now is when you dash to your grinding spot. In many cases this is not a problem because 5 of every 6 people around you are probably bots.

6) Grind On Monsters
In order to prevent the loss of experience, you will have to grind on monsters for a while. I chose this area because there are few people and it has a nice spawn rate. I was losing about 11 Murder Points for killing white mobs and about 3 for killing green mobs
Killing someone gets you 1,200 Murder Points so you will have to kill anywhere from 120 to 400 mobs.

7) Repeat 1 - 5 as necessary

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