I've only now begun to realize.... [Healer build inside]

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I've only now begun to realize.... [Healer build inside]

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:11 am

How much potential this particular build has. It's aim it to maximize it's own AR, maximize it's own parry, and reduce enemy Parry, thus dealing almost peak damage, constantly. In addition to that, it is also a healer.

1) Basis:
a. A bow build -> Blue Hawk + Passive = 56 AR increase when maxed
b. Imbue: Thunder -> reduces enemy parry ratio. I can't figure out by how much, but it does.
c. Concentration + Thunder passive: Increases it's own parry ratio by 56 when maxed.
d. Force: Vital spot series and new upcoming ones are deadly: enemy AR decrease (by 71 when maxed), Enemy parry decrease (by 72 when maxed), Enemy magical/physical defence decrease (not been added yet. update is to come. Don't know any values yet.) Apart from that, you are also a healer, making you wanted in any guild.

2) Build: The build must be STR based in any case. Having force makes you a healer. Healers need to be able to survive. That's the reason for the STR based build Until now, at the 80 cap, there is possible to have a four mastery tree based build. At the 90 cap that will be hard to achieve. Until now, we have Pacheon, Thunder and Force. Thus we are left to choose between fire and cold.

People will come and say here: pure STR b0w3rs ar3 t3h pwnz0rs!!! etc.
But look at the damage contest. Highest damage goes to a hybrid STR bower. The balance is around 80% physical naked or 2:1 STR.
This is the hardest critting build in the game, and nobody can deny that. With great AR, making constant high non-crit hits and ultra-high crits, the build's only disadvantage is the lack of defence. But bear in mind: this is NOT a PvP intended build. Is the build the best at PvP? NO. Does it matter? NO.

However, firing from a protected place in a guild war, it can be very destructive over time.

As for the fourth tree:
Cold would be a nice choice, because of 97 physical defence increases + snow walls, novas etc. These things are handy and if the ice immunity is fixed, they might become useful. The mana shield will be semi-useful to the build too, as it packs some MP too.

Fire, on the other hand, is also useful with it's Magical Defense buff, Physical attack buff and passive.
The choice between fire and cold is yours. They are just as good IMO.

For the 90 cap, fire or cold gets dropped. Thunder, Force and Pacheon are maxed out and fire is left at level 30.
Now tell me your opinions

NOTE: 1)before you start flaming, ponder on it seriously. Read carefully before making any observations. If I was wrong somewhere, I will be happy to correct the mistake.
2) Props to EllisD for the build. I just processed everything from what I saw and thought.

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