SRF Interview with JoyMax

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SRF Interview with JoyMax

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:10 am

The Euro Interview.

1. With the introduction of the European race to iSRO we are of course introduced to new characters, with new weapons and Masteries. One of the questions which are on a majority of the SRO players minds is how well balanced the Euro and Chinese characters will be once they co-exist in the game?

The Europe Legend I expansion is being introduced to add more variety to the game play. The current Chinese race was designed for players to create their own builds and play freely across the world. Now with the introduction of Europe users can party together and fight monsters as a team. A class system is introduced now allowing players to pick a role and fulfill it for their party and for the glory of the SilkRoad. It has been designed as an addition to the current game play and balanced so Chinese and European players can join together and battle on the “Silk Road”.

2. Once the hardy warriors cross over into each other’s land and encounter their beasts, will it be more difficult for a Character of one race to kill the monster of another?

The monsters from Europe to China will be unique in variety, but the great thing about this expansion is the flexibility of where you want to go. Players with Europe characters and players with Chinese characters can party up and fight monsters all over the world, the only limit is how far do you want your adventure to go?

3. The sweet music of the harp fills the air, soothing and preparing the Euro characters for a tough battle ahead. We all know that the Bard will be an important character of the Euro race, as they have amazing Buffs which will highly aid players during combat. However, will this bring the Chinese to a disadvantage? Or will the Bards also be able to buff Chinese characters?

Characters from both Europe and China were designed to party up and play together allowing all the skills and abilities from both sides to intermingle easily. A player from Europe say for example a Bard can simply party up with a Chinese character to buff and assist them in battle.

4. The social life of the European, or the rouge and solo life of a Chinese character. Some users will have much trouble deciding which one to stick with; some users might not be able to choose between. Thus wanting to have both races on the same account, will it be able for a user to level two characters of different race on the same account?

All players can create both Europe and Chinese characters on the same account, as long as you have an available character slot.

5. Hack and slash, down with another monster. Up with one’s EXP count. Repeated several times, it is the role of a Chinese character. We understand how long it generally takes for one to level a Chinese character. However, with the Euro race, the party system and the unique styles of game play. How long should we expect it to take to Level up a Euro character?

Expect all players to level up faster when partying with other users taking in the advantages of the Europe and Chinese characters to become the strongest!

6. To fight alone, can mean true death for a Euro player, as the whole game system is revolved around a party system. And with the pot delay being so great, do we expect a vast decrease in the amount of bots in game? Or at least will we see them only on the Chinese side?

The War on Bots still continues and we are continuously working on improving protection from illegal program abuse. With this expansion and future updates the use of illegal programs will go down.

7. As a Chinese character, you are responsible for the amount of money you get, each monster dropping gold and certain items which only you can pick up. However, with the Euro chars at the majority of times being in a large group. Having shared experience and items, Will we be it harder for a Euro character to get Gold and items?

Monster’s drops will increase in parties allowing players to get gold, items, etc. that is equal or greater to that of a user soloing, so it will be balanced.

8. Such vast and exciting updates are to come to the users with the release of Euro. However, will we be able to get online to experience them is a question on a lot of players minds. With the release of Euro will logging in be easier?

Servers have been upgraded for the arrival of Legend I, Europe as more players arrive to play SilkRoad Online. Server stability and capacity is still being worked on so everyone can login fast and stay logged in for a fun gaming experience without interruption.

9. Power of the Devil, or knowledge of an Angel. With the new “Wings” avatar, we decide to which side we will be loyal to, is this the Legend I, Europe counterpart of the Gold Dragon Flag? Or will it have its own unique properties to aid our willing warriors?

This wing update is still yet to come so expect more information to be announced in the future. Rest assured that these wings will add a unique and exciting experience for players who wish to use it.

10. Blood pumping, palms sweating, fighting hard trying to get the kill. The long wait for this unique monster, and there is no one else around! When suddenly, someone who is much higher level comes by and steals the kill. All your time and effort, lost. Will there be a level restriction put in place for players to kill Unique monsters?

This has been suggested several times before, and with the Legend I, Europe expansion coming more party play will be introduced allowing more users to team up and join in on the kill compared to the solo atmosphere in the past.

11. When playing Chinese characters, it is highly believed that SP farming is essential for a good and strong character. At times people spending months farming huge quantities of SP. With euro chars, will it also be essential for us to farm SP?

Skill Points are always essential for creating a unique build and strengthening your characters. Depending on how simple to creative you want to be, your character will determine the Skill Points needed.

12. We see a beast, yet it is bigger, stronger and with more life. Is it a champion? No, it’s a Party Monster. New to the Euro side of the game, and only attackable by those in a group the Party monster shows a new obstacle to players. However, how often will a Party Monster spawn? And what happens when the Euro characters continue their training in Karakoram and Takla Makan? Will we have Chinese Party Monsters?

These party monsters are all over the world and not restricted to one character or place in anyway. Expect any group of players parting together in SilkRoad Online to encounter party monsters of the area they are fighting in. This should create a new and interesting experience.

13. We have known about the Intent to implement Legend I, Europe to iSRO servers for a long time now, and we have noticed the small Legend I, Europe related add-ons which are uploaded to our clients during the weekly inspections. However, why wait for summer to release it to the public?

The client is constantly updated with needed content for our users for current and future game play. Legend I, Europe is a huge expansion and the first of a series of Legends coming to iSRO and it required plenty of time and preparation before release.

14. With the release of Legend I, Europe and the rest of the updated. iSRO has caught ground with kSRO in terms of the update order. Can we expect future updates and such to come in closer proximity to when they are released in kSRO?

kSRO and iSRO are not similar in comparison. As iSRO we have our own community and updates come as needed by the players as well as any specific issues with the game we may have to deal with before hand. The content coming to iSRO will be plentiful and reassuring starting with the Legend I, Europe expansion.

15. The lonely desert of Takla Makan, an unsafe place, yet o so quiet. Will we see new music added to Takla Makan? Will we also be hearing new tunes for the European side of the maps?

There is new music and sounds added with this expansion and you can expect more in the future. Any improvements players wish to be added to the current game we would love to hear through the forums in Player Suggestions.

16. Such a crucial update to iSRO, Legend I, Europe is something that users have been waiting for since long ago. How long did it take for the developers to develop Euro? With such a different game play to Chinese characters.

Legend I, Europe took some good time to be fully ready for iSRO. All this time was for the better to improve on much need additions to the current game. Perfection was a must and we would rather have a complete update than none at all.

17. On the future, Chinese is with us, Euro is to shortly be with us. Yet the third installment to SRO is yet to come, has there been any work on the Islam aspect of SRO? We know that there have been videos created, but is there anything else you can let us in on?

As our players have probably suspected with the release of Legend I, Europe more Legend updates will follow. Stay tuned on the main site for information about future updates.

18. What is your general plan for iSRO in the near future?

More service to the community, we want to please everyone and increase the player base. Expect more updates to iSRO specific to the community. The future in store for everyone involves a lot of player interaction and community fun.

Thank You For Your Time, It Was Much Appreciated

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