Detailed Look At New Items

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Detailed Look At New Items

Post  pyuyd on Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:48 am

Detailed Look at New Items!

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

To give our users greater fun of playing Silkroad Online, we will be updating new items. The new items will be available after the weekly server inspection on March 25, 2008.

[Premium Gold Time Plus]
- For 5 hours a day, you can get additional 100% exp
- Phy. damage/Mag. damage 10% increase
- Phy. damage/Mag. damage 10% absorption
- Attack rating 10% increase
- Parry ratio 10% increase
- When enchanting items, chance of enchant success rate 5% increase
- When enhancing items, chance of enhance success rate 10% increase
- Str, Int stat +10
- When using stall, avatar stall can be used
- Premium Plus quest can be proceeded (additional skill points can be obtained)
[Special Bonus] PREFERRED GAME ACCESS (users can log into game during server traffic hours)
* A day is considered as 24 hours from the moment the item is used.
* Unused experience bonus time is valid only for the next day.
* Bonus experience time passes by only during battle. (Battle time refers to the 20 seconds from either attacking or being attacked by a monster.)

[Fur Outfit]

- The "Fur Outfit" consists of 'Fur Dress' and 'Fur Hat'.
- The number and type of magic options that can be added to the avatar items can differ depending on the item.
- There are avatar items for both male and female, so please check the sex of your character before making a purchase.
* This avatar item will be sold only for a limited time.

[1-Day Clock of Reincarnation]
- An item that extends the use of a Silk pet for 1 day.

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