Kerning City

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Kerning City

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Region: Victoria Island
Roads: Victoria Road, Hidden Street, Warning Street, Kerning City Subway & Line 3 Construction Site, Kerning City Town Street, Victoria Island (MapleSEA)
The Kerning City PQ area.This is the place where you go to become a thief. You must be at least level 10 and have 25 dex. It is located on the western side of Victoria Island, situated between Henesys, Lith Harbor and Perion. This is the most urban town in Victoria Island, hence its' name. Outside of the town, there are a number of construction sites and partially completed buildings, overrun by monsters. The little pit with sewer pipes is usually crowded due to the high popularity of party quests. The middle sewer pipe leads you to a warning street, heading to the dungeon town, Sleepywood. Kerning City features a Party Quest for users between level 21 and 30, with a King Slime boss at the end. Further details are available at the page about party quests.

In JapanMS, Perry the Pelican can take players from Kerning to Zipangu.
Kerning Subways
The Kerning Subway area.Kerning's most popular training area is in the Subways. It is also the host to three Kerning Jump quests. The first map, as would be expected, is populated by the weak Bubblings, however they can pose quite a threat to players that cannot deal enough damage to knock them back. The next map is filled with the flying enemies, Stirges. At this point, called the Transfer Area, the path splits in half. Both routes are similar, featuring Jr. necki and both Jr. and the "senior" Wraiths. The boss-like Bot-catching monster Shade spawns alongside the Wraiths at the furthest ends.

In TaiwanMS, a subway train that departs from Kerning can take players to Ximending, the main Taiwan town. In GlobalMS and TaiwanMS, a subway train that departs from Kerning can take Players to New Leaf City.
Kerning Airport
The Kerning Airport.The Kerning Airport is a recently built area, currently available in MapleSEA and EuropeMS. Players can take a plane from Kerning City Airport to reach Singapore Airport for 20,000 meso per ticket.

Kerning Swamp
The Kerning Swamp area.The Kerning Swamp is the swamp between Kerning City and the dungeon. It has the enemies you would expect in a swamp, such as snakes and alligators. When one goes deeper into the swamp, he/she will encounter crocodiles and Curse Eyes as well. In some versions, a boss monster, called the 'Dile, spawns here in the middle of the swamp. It is an enormous alligator with a bird riding on its back.

Hidden in the swamp is also the Monkey Swamp, a popular training area populated by Lupins, both living and (un)dead. In this area, Thieves can also use the Door of Dimension to travel to the other dimension where the 3rd job advancement test is held.

Kerning L Forest and Middle Forest
The Kerning L Forest area.The Kerning L forest lies between the Three Way Split and Kerning City. It's a complex maze of platforms, which make navigating it difficult. Stronger monsters like Blue Mushrooms, Lupin, and Iron Hogs roam, making it even more difficult to get through to Kerning. It's advisable to avoid this area as much as possible by using town scrolls or taking the taxi.

[edit] Swamp of Despair III Scroll Merchant
Sells 100% scrolls.

Equipment Effect Price
Helmet Weapon Defence +1 35,000
Helmet HP +5 35,000
Overall Dexterity +1 35,000
Bottomwear Weapon Defence +1 35,000
Shoes Avoid +1 35,000
Shoes Jump +1 35,000
All weapons Attack +1 70,000

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