Man Robs Gas Station With NES Zapper

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Man Robs Gas Station With NES Zapper

Post  zenister on Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:06 pm

Yesterday, two men in Convington, Kentucky were sentenced to 10 years in prison following a robbery where one of the men threatened a gas station clerk with an NES Zapper. Back in May, 18-year old Arthur Swain entered an Ameristop Food Mart, showed the clerk the “gun,” and made off with only about $100 in cash. Jeremy Goins, 20, acted as the lookout. The two pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery charges and received the maximum sentencing.

“Victims and police did not know the gun was a toy until after it was all over,” [prosecuting attorney, Leanne] Isler said during the sentencing hearing Monday. “The defendants could have easily gotten themselves or innocent bystanders shot.”

I’m guessing maybe they painted the Zapper black or something before they used it to rob the store. Still, they’re using a gadget that’s almost the same age as they are to commit a crime, and that’s pretty ridiculous. I wonder if it would’ve worked with a Super Scope though.

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