Target Pulling Manhunt 2 from Shelves?

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Target Pulling Manhunt 2 from Shelves?

Post  zenister on Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:05 pm

Apparently an internal memo is circulating through Target stores telling managers to stop selling the controversial Manhunt 2 for all systems and even refuse arriving shipments of the game. Take Two has also agreed to take back all unopened copies. The unofficial reason given for this is not the violence, but the attention the game has received in the national media for the past several days. Oddly, you can still order the game from Target online, but its listed as not available in stores. Thus far, no other retailers have been reported as taking this action.

If Target continues this policy, then the coming weeks should see all other video games rated M, movies rated R, and music CDs with a parental advisory pulled from the shelves as well. I mean, thatd just make sense, given the controversy they draw from the national media on an almost daily basis. Otherwise this whole thing would just be a big stinking ball of hypocrisy. And why would a huge corporation do that?

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