Teens Kill 7-Year Old with "Mortal Kombat" Moves

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Teens Kill 7-Year Old with "Mortal Kombat" Moves

Post  zenister on Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:00 pm

*Sigh* I’d like to go just one week without hearing some new of video games being blamed for violence. This story’s been making the rounds through the mainstream media today; partly because it’s a horrific crime, and partly because it involves video game violence. In Johnstown, Colorado, a 16-year old girl named Heather Trujillo and her boyfriend, 17-year old Lamar Roberts, are being charged with the death of Heather’s 7-year old sister, Zoe Garcia. On Dec. 6, the two teens were babysitting Zoe while her mother was at work. They all apparently began wrestling by recreating “Mortal Kombat” moves, which resulted in multiple injuries to the little girls and her losing consciousness. The babysitters then apparently cracked an egg in her mouth to see if she was “messing around with them.” When the girl eventually came to, the two teens sent her to bed, only to find her not breathing 15 minutes later. After trying to revive her in the shower and with CPR, they finally called the mother and 911. The two were arrested Tuesday and each face one count of child abuse resulting in death. If convicted, they could face 16 to 48 years in jail.

I know this is a really tragic story, but I don’t get how Mortal Kombat came into this case at all. I’ve only got this article from the Rocky Mountain News to go on, but there’s no mention that either of the two teens specifically said they were basing their actions on “Mortal Kombat.” It sounds just too suspiciously like a way for either their attorneys (or maybe the reporting newspaper) to trump up interest in the story. And for that matter, 16-year olds still play Mortal Kombat? Who knew?

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