Man Arrested for Stalking Girls Through Xbox Live

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Man Arrested for Stalking Girls Through Xbox Live

Post  zenister on Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:59 pm

Iíve been saying Xbox Live is chock full of weirdos, but this one takes the cake so far. In Saratoga Springs, New York, 20-year old Joshua Stetar met a 15-year old girl, who was living in Spokane, Washington, through playing Halo online over a year ago. He apparently found her address online and began sending packages and flowers to her home, all of which her parents returned. He also sent several hundred text messages to her cell phone, which forced her parents to change her number. But he managed to find her new number by ďGooglingĒ her and then drove 40 hours straight to her neighborhood. At around 9 pm on Friday, he sent a text message saying that he was driving by her house; her parents in fact saw his car pass by. Then at 9:36, he sent a message reading, ďTell the cops that Iím gonna rape you and your sister.Ē The girlís parents called the police, who found Stetar at a nearby motel. After interrogating him, police learned that he had actually visited Spokane earlier and drove by the girlís house in a rented U-Haul truck, which the girlís parents were unaware of. He also had apparently been sending numerous text messages to the girlís cousin, who lives in Billings, Montana, over the summer, until the police called him and told him to stop. He was booked in the Spokane County Jail on one count of felony stalking, but was released on Saturday on bond.

Wow, what a creepy, creepy guy. Let this be a lesson to you kids: Xbox Live is full of freaks and weirdos, so donít give them your real name or anything. Man, itís like the new MySpace or something.


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