Police Using Miis to Find Owner of Stolen Wii

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Police Using Miis to Find Owner of Stolen Wii

Post  zenister on Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:55 pm

UK police in Huddersfield are hoping to locate the owner of a Wii by releasing descriptions of the Miis found on the system. The system was recovered after a man was arrested on theft charges and is believed to have been purchased as a Christmas present. The Wii contains 16 Miis with names such as Seb, Pheebes, Nicks, Ellie, and Evie and has an ID code of 7901 7431 3732 8898. If anyone thinks this might be their lost Nintendo console, they should contact the Kirklees CID.

There’s a new security feature for you. Just make a Mii that looks like you and name it, “If found, please return to (insert name and phone number).”

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